Changing Air Freight

10 July 2018

Dronamics, a Bulgarian company specializing in drone specialization, is developing a revolutionary pilotless air-freight system. While many industry leaders race to address the last-mile delivery problem, Dronamics is focused on long-haul freight. The company created a drone that will be able to carry up to 800 pounds over approximately 1,500 miles. The approach has the potential to radically transform the air freight industry. Currently, shipping by air is incredibly quick and convenient, but only takes up approximately 1% of global shipping by volume due to expense. Dronamics wants to carry small packages in large quantities cross-country. While doing so, they project their drone shipping costs to be 50 percent lower than a traditional cargo plane with a human pilot. To add to that, each drone is also expected to cost less than $100,000 dollars to produce, far less than the traditional cargo plane at $500,000, providing a long-term payoff. Is drone piloted air-freight the future of shipping? How will this affect the ground shipment industry? 

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Case Study

29 June 2018

Creating the global transformation strategy for a leading supply chain solutions provider.


One of the largest distribution companies in the world needed to defend against competitors by setting a compelling vision for the future and accelerating their transformation into a fully integrated, total supply chain solutions provider.


  • Partnered with the CEO, CFO and global executive leadership team to develop a global transformation strategy that would enhance their customer relationships, which include some of the leading brands in the world.
  • Analyzed the company value chain, industry trends, customer ecosystems, societal shifts and competitive threats to identify transformation opportunities and challenges.
  • Designed and facilitated a series of working sessions for their global executive leadership team and key stakeholders to collaboratively shape the strategy.
  • Redefined the company vision, purpose, identity, mission, strategic priorities, competitive advantage, operating model and implementation roadmaps.
  • Structured, scripted and designed the company strategy deck.
  • Managed and curated their annual summit with 100 global leaders to powerfully engage employees and customers around their vision for the future of supply networks.


By establishing their transformation strategy and developing long-term, integrated technology roadmaps, our client has solidified their role as the leading partner within their customers’ complex global supply networks.

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