Case Study –
Sustainable Fashion Supply Chain

Creating the sustainable fashion supply chain framework for a high-growth brand.


A high-growth, socially responsible fashion brand with global sourcing and manufacturing needed to verify their impact claims and establish a supply chain sustainability framework.


  • Built a database of over 400 leading sustainability codes, standards, marks and associations across all industries and regions.
  • Established an integrated set of sustainable fashion supply chain industry benchmarks that addressed the social and environmental considerations at each stage of our client’s extended value chain. This included the farms their supplier’s used to production sites across Africa, Central America, South America and the United States.
  • Analyzed our client’s extended value chain to prioritize sustainability opportunities and challenges, and assessed the impact of change on the company strategy, operations and bottom line.
  • Designed a robust assessment framework and scoring system that would give fashion companies a true sense of their social, environmental and governance practices and impact across their supply chain.
  • Led rigorous and exhaustive on-the-ground audits with suppliers in Ethiopia, including the collection and examination of financial statements, utility bills, supplier receipts, employee handbooks, safety reports and more, as well as performing one-on-one, confidential interviews with factory employees and detailed anonymous employee surveys.
  • Ensured accountability and progress by identifying weaknesses, collaboratively developing actionable improvement plans with their suppliers, and negotiating incentives for compliance.
  • Supported extended value chain conversations with government agencies, training centers and regional associations to ensure higher quality raw materials, reduced cost of goods, market expansion opportunities and more skilled labor.


With a radically transparent and verified sense of all their sustainability challenges, the company renegotiated supplier contracts and collaborated on improvement plans that reduced risk across their extended supply chain.

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