Case Study –
Optimizing Global Ecommerce Sourcing

Optimizing global sourcing for one of the world’s leading ecommerce flash sales companies.


A leading global ecommerce flash sales company was struggling to find an efficient and profitable way to import a variety of eclectic, single unit, ‘market finds’ from shops and outdoor bazaars around the world – including Morocco, Belgium and India.


  • An innovative new “tagging” process was created which gave the buyer freedom to source creatively, and profitably for the first time, from street markets. This included matching the product through a two-tagging process that reduced the complexity of picking up goods and getting them to a freight forwarder.
  • By sourcing and onboarding a local export agent, all the necessary import and materials documents were obtained in advance.
  • Navigated the complexity of US Customs to register the company as the Importer of Record, ensuring efficiency and compliance for the future rapid growth of the company.
  • The improved process transformed an inefficient, costly global sourcing operation, finally allowing sufficient time to register for appropriate licenses needed to clear customs with no delays, fees or penalties.


Our never done before tagging process solved a critical sourcing need, making the “market finds” buying process profitable for the first time, with product arriving to the fulfillment center on time and accurately accounted for. In addition, the new import processes and logistics partnerships created drove the scalability of future procurement efforts.

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