New York Supply Chain Meetup –
Innovative Startups

Recently the GoodOps co-founders were invited to present at The New York Supply Chain Meetup and share their innovative take on supply chain transformation consulting services. We had an incredible time being able to hear the different perspectives on supply chain innovation from experts across the industry. Each of the companies that presented are taking unique approaches to integrating advanced technologies, sustainability frameworks and agile operations in order to help brands build a competitive advantage through their supply chain:

  • – Altering the trajectory of the food system through blockchain technology and the Internet of Things b.y designing a radically transparent digital food supply chain.
  • Homer Logistics – A team of software developers, optimization experts, and operations leaders focusing on optimizing the last-mile, expedited shipping space.
  • – An experienced team of supply chain professionals who integrate logistics service providers, shippers, and software providers via a modern, secure, managed cloud.
  • LuxLock – A SaaS Experience platform designed around the shopper to provide the ultimate high-touch shopping experiences with premium and luxury brands.

For anyone interested in innovative supply chain solutions, The New York Supply Chain Meetup is a diverse, knowledgeable and open community of leaders looking to connect and exchange insights. The event is open to all, whether you’re an expert or just an individual looking to learn more about the industry, which promotes a lively discussion and new perspectives on the topics at hand.

We want to thank Brian Laung Aoaeh and Lisa Morales-Hellebo, our friends and the co-founders of the event, for inviting us and giving us the opportunity to present our ideas and services to all those that attended. If you are interested in signing up for a future New York Supply Chain Meetup, please fill out the form below on their website, and welcome to the community!

The New York Supply Chain Meetup Signup Link

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The GoodOps Team