Case Study –
Optimizing Holiday Ecommerce Operations

Leading the peak season, holiday ecommerce operations inbound supply chain management for one of the world’s largest retailers.


One of the world’s largest retailers needed exceptional management and oversight of inbound supply chain management to avoid shipping delays, increase efficiencies and reduce risks in their holiday ecommerce operations.


  • Oversaw a team of 17 direct reports 6 months prior to holiday season to ensure all necessary processes, reports and training were implemented.
  • Once the critical plan and strategy was in place, the team began operating at an accelerated rate in October, working daily to manage all international and domestic shipments and ensure goods were on track to deliver in time.
  • By November, designed and led the first ever 7 days a week, cross-functional, in person “swat” team meeting that included the entire C-suite, monitoring each aspect of the global supply chain and remedying any errors along the way for fast resolution.
  • Created and managed a separate team to handle all critical ‘tickets’ issued by 9am each day where a strategy for resolution was expected by noon the same day.
  • Tracked and escalated any unresolved challenges to address at the following day’s meeting until closed.


Millions of dollars of lost sales were saved due to advanced visibility. Hyper-detailed and collaborative management of the inbound supply chain allowed for swift action when unforeseen issues arose. The overall result extended to better interdepartmental relationships, improved business operations and greater customer satisfaction.

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