Case Study –
Autonomous Trucks Pilot Testing

Leading the autonomous trucks market analysis, strategy development and pilot tests for a global distribution company.


One of the largest distribution companies in the world needed to understand how they can leverage the coming wave of autonomous trucks and build a competitive advantage.


  • Partnered with the CEO, COO and Head of Innovation to develop their framework for adoption of autonomous trucks, including market analysis, strategy development, solution design and pilot testing.
  • Analyzed industry and customer ecosystems to generate a custom white paper. Content included high-potential applications, adoption timelines, relevant case studies, future KPIs, potential partners, competitive threats and market specific considerations across their global supply network.
  • Curated a week long experience for our client and their customer at an industry leading conference, including a featured speaking slot. Also brokered high-end meetings, collaborative working sessions and an intimate high-end dinner that secured strategic relationships with technology providers, elected officials, government agencies, industry associations and venture capitalists.
  • Designed and managed a Level 4 “driverless” autonomous trucks pilot test with a leading technology provider, including partner selection, agreement negotiation, test plan design and pilot management.
  • Brokered a Level 1 Driver Assistive Truck Platooning (DATP) test with a leading technology provider, including partner selection, route selection and test plan design.
  • Generated custom technology and deployment reports that guided the autonomous trucks strategy for our client as well as their customers, which include some of the largest brands in the world.


Client has positioned themselves as a trusted innovation partner for their customers, leading integration of autonomous trucks across the connected, smart and automated supply chain networks of the future.  

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