A Playbook for Social Justice –
Goals, Metrics, Timeline, Accountability

In light of current conversations surrounding systemic racism both in our nation and our world, an inextricable link between social responsibility and social justice are coming together. By no means perfect, sustainability playbooks can offer an initial basic framework for #SocialJustice initiatives as executives begin their journeys:


Set concrete goals that uplift people of color at all levels of the company: board members, investors, c-suite, managers, front-line workers, partners, customers, etc. Promoting marginalized people into power positions, paying them well, providing health benefits, improving educational opportunities for themselves & their children – all have an impact on communities & society at large. Think about areas typically covered under “S” in ESG.


Determine the right metrics to measure results and adapt tactics if initiatives are not working. Work w/community leaders to determine these so they are not done in a vacuum.


Set an aggressive & meaningful timeline. To say there are “no great candidates of color” for leadership positions is a total failure in effort. Expand your networks and collaborate w/black & brown leaders who are connected to these communities & can help funnel talent your way.


Be held accountable. Publish your goals & timeline publicly & update us – the same way we see sustainability announcements. Do a bi-annual report outlining your social justice progress & share your challenges so others can help.

Specifically for Black Lives, here’s how to act now:

  • Invest in black founders.
  • Promote black colleagues.
  • Invite black executives to boards.
  • Hire black people for “office” jobs.
  • Fast track/mentor black leaders.
  • Fund black accelerators.
  • Partner with black founded companies.
  • Buy from black businesses.
  • Cast black actors in ads/media/film roles.
  • Make products that address black needs.
  • Give black leaders awards.