Supply Chain Transformation –
The New North Star

The supply chain revolution is here and companies must transform to become digital, agile and sustainable. Brands and shippers face increased pressure from demanding customers, a surge of disruptive competitors, and the need to authentically address social and environmental issues. In order to survive – be it a Fortune 500 CPG, a leading global QSR or a high-growth e-commerce startup – companies must undergo a transformation in how they source, produce and deliver their products and services.

Supply chain transformation is the backbone and competitive advantage of the world’s most successful companies. Companies can no longer rely on incremental improvements, legacy systems and traditional corporate responsibility. But transformation is hard; it requires a clear vision for the future, an understanding of complex ecosystems, and the agile deployment of interconnected strategies, systems and capabilities.

GoodOps makes transformation easy by designing innovative strategies, technology solutions and sustainability frameworks. We are the compass for our clients, guiding them to stay one step ahead during a time of accelerating change. We realign and digitally connect supply chain networks, embedding new ways of thinking and collaborating from the c-suite to the frontline across partners. In parallel, we explore and leverage advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT, augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, drones and robotics to streamline operations, enhance service levels and create a more dynamic model. And we empower companies to become strong stewards of our planet and people; improving the lives of workers, communities and customers.

Companies that transform their supply chains will improve profit, streamline operations and mitigate risk. Customers choose them over competitors, the most talented employees want to work for them and investors seek their enhanced returns. Real-time, end-to-end visibility drives accountability and agility from suppliers through customer delivery. Savings and valuable growth opportunities are realized across the extended value chain. And higher quality, socially responsible products differentiate their offering and justify premium pricing.

The key to success is properly prioritizing, organizing and resourcing complex transformation initiatives. All companies know they must implement advanced data analytics, source sustainable materials or automate their warehouse; the hard part is knowing how to execute. In every engagement, we design custom, multi-disciplinary teams augmented by networks of global experts with the necessary experience, skills and pragmatism to ensure results. Applying universal principles, market specific nuance and an agile approach, we scale what works.

More than just helping companies grow, we believe that transforming supply chains is the fastest way to positively impact the world. Whether the aim is reducing waste, improving workers’ lives or achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, redesigning global supply chains is a critical accelerator. By simplifying complex transformation initiatives, GoodOps helps companies more easily grow while doing good.

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Divya Demato + Richard Demato
CEO + COO, GoodOps